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New Jersey has among the highest rates of drug overdose deaths among young adult men and teens, according to a new report.

When Courtney Griffin was using heroin, she lied, disappeared, and stole from her parents to support her $400-a-day habit. Her family paid her debts, never filed a police report and kept her addiction secret — until she was found dead last year of an overdose. At Courtney’s funeral, they decided to acknowledge the reality that…

A heroin overdose can cause users to pass out and stop breathing, and it only takes minutes for an oxygen-starved brain to die. If the user is given a dose of naloxone, also known as Narcan, their chance of surviving an overdose increases. This week CVS announced the opiate overdose antidote is now available without…

HOPE Sheds Light is pleased to announce that its Tree of Hope is ready to make its debut at its 2nd Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk in Seaside Heights, NJ. Participants at the event will be able to write their messages of hope on butterfly stickers and add them to this 8-foot tall Tree of…

The Second Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk, hosted by HOPE Sheds Light, will provide hope and support for families on the Jersey Shore that are affected by addiction.

Much has been made of the deadly drug’s crawl into suburbia, but it isn’t until you take a closer look that this becomes completely clear.

“I laid down on the grass in a park, in Asbury Park … I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get back up again.”

Gov. Chris Christie signed two bills targeting the state’s heroin crisis Tuesday, one mandating sober housing at most state colleges and universities and another that would allow former addicts taking treatment drugs like Suboxone to complete drug court.

Bucket Brigade founder Cassandra Vitale was able to help hundreds of storm victims, but, in the end, she was unable to help herself.

In the bleak realm of obituaries, there is one category of death that remains taboo even in a social media-obsessed, overly candid world. It is typically cloaked in euphemism: He died suddenly. She died unexpectedly. He died at home.