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The mission of HOPE Sheds Light is to raise awareness and educate individuals, families and the community about the impact of addiction by having the courage to share personal experiences and offer strength, wisdom, hope and resources that lead to positive community change and long-term recovery.


HOPE Sheds Light will lead a transformative movement that removes the fear and stigma surrounding the disease of addiction through a loving, recovery-driven, safe, trusting and hopeful environment that brings wellness to the community and allows families to have the courage to heal and recover.


HOPE Sheds Light was started after Ron Rosetto lost his son, Marc A. Rosetto, 32, to a hard-fought battle against substance abuse and heroin experimentation on November 21, 2012. When the Rosetto Family was going through this very difficult time, they struggled to find the help they so desperately needed. Since the family and friends of those with addiction problems often feel isolated, ashamed, overwhelmed and hopeless, Ron, alongside friends Stephen Willis and Arvo Prima, whose sons also were battling addiction at the time, founded HOPE Sheds Light. Shortly after, Stephen’s son, Mark Kyle Willis, 31, lost his battle with the disease of addiction on September 15, 2013. A few years later, Arvo’s son, Paavo Jaan Prima, 25, lost his fight with the disease on April 5, 2017.

Ron, Stephen and Arvo have since dedicated their lives to keeping their sons’ legacy alive by helping others find the courage to face addiction and find recovery so that other people’s sons and daughters might live. HOPE Sheds Light believes there are many paths to recovery, but to be successful, one must have to want change and believe that change is possible.

HOPE exists, as families in recovery, to share hope and joy with others. “We have to draw strength from the wisdom of our peers because when we do it, we start getting better,” Willis says. “We must believe that there is a better life beyond the confines of our own limited thinking and that’s what HOPE Sheds Light is. That’s what we offer. It’s a wonderful combination of faith, hope and love grounded in wisdom, strength and experience. Why do we do it? Because our sons want us to. Because by helping you get well, we elevate the lives of our blessed boys.”

Marc Rosetto

Marc A. Rosetto
June 12, 1980 –
November 21, 2012

Mark Kyle Willis

Mark Kyle Willis
November 7, 1981 –
September 15, 2013

Paavo Jaan Prima

Paavo Jaan Prima
August 3, 1991 –
April 5, 2017

HOPE SHEDS LIGHT: We strive to bring awareness to substance abuse and support healthier families in the community. This will be accomplished by giving families and friends the support and information they need in the most user-friendly way possible.

We offer a comprehensive listing of:

  • HELP lines
  • Substance Abuse Agencies
  • Drug Rehab Facilities
  • Treatment Centers
  • Counseling Services
  • Support Groups