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Hope Sheds Light walk in Seaside Heights brings hope to those struggling with addiction

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – HOPE Sheds Light, a nonprofit organization that strives to bring awareness on substance abuse to support healthier families in the community, drew over 350 people to their first ever Celebration of HOPE Walk last month to support those struggling with addiction and their families.

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your participation in our first ever Celebration of HOPE Walk,” said Arvo Prima, Co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light. “The walk was a great success. We had over 350 attendees, media coverage and community support. Our feedback was very positive; the message of hope was very strong.”

The Celebration of HOPE Walk was held on September 6th on the Hiering Avenue beach in Seaside Heights. Registration was free, but a $10 donation toward addiction recovery was suggested. All participants received a yellow HOPE Sheds Light walk t-shirt at the event. Vendors, inspirational speakers and giveaways were onsite.

“This was a great opportunity to work together toward a solution on the heroin epidemic in Ocean County,” said Ron Rosetto, co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light. “HOPE Sheds Light will continue its efforts educating families, creating awareness, providing resources and instilling hope to our community.”

Steve Willis, co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light and the event’s moderator, added, “Our vision is to grow and provide hope to everyone. We cannot achieve our goals without your help. Please consider joining our organization and instilling hope to our community.”

Those who are interested in joining HOPE Sheds Light can volunteer their time, join a HOPE Sheds Light Committee and/or become a HOPE Sheds Light board member. To learn more about these opportunities, email info@HOPEShedsLight.org.

HOPE Sheds Light was started after the Rosetto family lost their son Marc to a hard-fought battle against substance abuse and heroin experimentation in 2012. When the Rosetto family was going through this difficult time, they struggled to find the help they needed.

“Since the family and friends of those with addiction problems often feel isolated, ashamed, overwhelmed and hopeless, HOPE Sheds Light was created to provide direction, resources and hope toward recovery,” Rosetto said. “We are passionate about helping anyone in need, and we have created this organization to provide those individuals with the resources they need to find hope for a future free from drug addiction.”

HOPE Sheds Light is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 46-3910504) that is supported by friends and families directly affected by addiction, and found recovery through continuous love, support and understanding. Ron Rosetto, Arvo Prima and Steve Willis founded the organization, with support from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Their mission is to educate families on the disease of addiction, including the most prevalent types related to heroin, opiates and prescription drugs, by creating awareness, providing resources and instilling hope to support a healthier community.

To learn more about HOPE Sheds Light, visit HOPEShedsLight.org or call 855.350.2790.

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