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Truth in death: Shedding the stigma of heroin addiction in obituaries

In the bleak realm of obituaries, there is one category of death that remains taboo even in a social media-obsessed, overly candid world. It is typically cloaked in euphemism: He died suddenly. She died unexpectedly. He died at home.

Deaths caused by drug overdoses are rarely acknowledged in print by the people who are left behind. But now, as a growing heroin epidemic continues to steal the lives of addicts across the country, more families are making the difficult choice to acknowledge what happened openly and honestly.

Read more at Boston.com: https://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2015/08/03/truth-death-shedding-the-stigma-heroin-addiction-obituaries/fBJXsAZkscBsZYMURK3CGI/story.html#comments

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